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Would you like to wish the Royal Dutch Couple all the best? Then insert your wish here! Your wish will then be displayed on the map, creating a worldwide royal wish that we will convey to the Royal Dutch Couple at a later date.

On Tuesday, 30 April 2013, the succession to the Dutch throne will take place. This day sees the Queen transfer her tasks to the Prince of Orange. The latter will then become King Willem-Alexander and together with his wife, Queen Máxima, form the Royal Dutch Couple.

Wishes WorldWide connects Dutch people across the globe. This is an initiative by the Nationaal Comité Inhuldiging (National Investiture Committee), the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Google and Moop.

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Wishes WorldWide is a collaborative venture between the Nationaal Comité Inhuldiging (National Investiture Committee), the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Google. We will explain our house rules on this page.

Wishes Worldwide will be moderated, sometimes in advance, more often retroactively. This means that all posed wishes will be read by us and that we reserve the right to remove wishes without providing any reason. This concerns, among others, wishes that:

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  • contain vulgar or coarse language;
  • are directed against specific (ethnical or racial) groups;
  • constitute personal attacks violating other people’s privacy;-
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  • are commercial in nature or constitute campaigning for a political election;
  • are in violation of Dutch, national or international legislation.

The initiators of Wishes WorldWide are not responsible for the content of the wishes or the (in)accuracy of the information, advice, remarks or claims of visitors, or for any damage incurred by visitors as a result of actions or contributions by other visitors. Users who repeatedly post messages that fall in one or more of the above categories will be removed or excluded from this page.

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